NEST Logo 2020
Proposed & Designed a ACT Technology Solutions

ACT Technologies Solution undergo a thorough rebranding to enhance their online presence. They need a new website to highlight their corporate image & services available

We take up the challenge and deliver what we promised. The theme focus on listing necessary information in a more readable manner. Cut down on the words. More on highlighting the key services.

Strong corporate image in website - new face of your company

  • Banner with team members image – more of a personalised website 
  • Each service icon links to relevant service page – contains more information of the corresponding service.
  • Keeping the length of the webpage short and readable.

Throughout the website, we stick to the same vibrant colour – consistent corporate image

We summarise on the contents to provide key information and at the same time – avoid lengthy & wordy paragraphs

We appreciate ACT Technology Solutions to provide us decent amount of their images – avoid using stock images too much.

WhatsApp Chat is a necessary communication platform and we both agreed.

A modern & vibrant design – we decided it suits their company a lot. Consistent use of theme colour & fonts strongly enhance the presence and stand out among competitors and their boring white-grey websites.

Each service has its own sub-page, which contains more information. Segmentation of information boost the tidiness and user-friendliness of the website. 

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