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Averagely it takes about RM1500 – RM 3000 to build a decent website in Malaysia and many of us looking for alternatives to build a website in a budget way, the question is can one able to make a website without having any knowledge in I.T. ? The absolute answer is “NO” , though may sites may offer drag and drop DIY concept in website however certain expectation of I.T. skill is still required.

DIY affordable web design Malaysia categorized two major types of website into two, which is eCommerce ( online store ) and Corporate site. The fundamental behind the concept is to allow anyone to learn, as well as to build their website in a fast start way without spending over RM1000.

DIY affordable web design Malaysia offers free installation service and resourceful tutorial videos where you could learn to customized your website into any shape you wish for. For product specification and detail please visit NEST DIY STORE  or contact us via live chat to understand more.

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