General Workflow

How to make website fast

Decide the type of website you want to build

Corporate / eCommerce / Template

We specialized in making wordpress type of website. If you require web customization, please select ``web customize`` on the top header menu

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Contact us

Tell us about your business

Leave us a message on facebook or . Tell us general idea about your business, provide us your website's link if there's any.

Require a design mockup

80% of total billed as deposit base on first come first serve policy

You have an option to either request a free mock-up design from us `{` 100% need to be collected if you're agree to buy the design from us `}` or pay 80% as deposit and we will begin the web design work

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All Tailor-craft design

All process will be recorded

We record the process of making of your website from A - Z and publish it on youtube for your reference. All tailor-craft template with unique design personality

Please contact us if you require more information