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NEST has been one of the most competitive Web Design Malaysia for decade. We offer RM1800 all in web design service for your business need. Website has been an important role in business especially in the era of digital technology. NEST offering the best affordable Web Design Malaysia, this post will explain the features given along our web design service and how are those features help in modern business. Regardless any business type you’re doing, a website should always able to perform the following capabilities in order to meet up the minimum requirement of modern businesses. they are such :


Feature included in our web design malaysia


Modernized Responsive Design

we offer the best sincerity in all of our crafts, we build responsive websites to cater mobiles and tablets need. Web structure would automatically transformed to fit the device’s screen size for best reading convenience.

Live Chat System

Important feature which allows one potential customer of your business able to contact you instantly or leave a message for enquiry purposely. This feature has replaced the old fashion phone-dialing way.

SEO software

a SEO software will be provided to target customers with specific keywords. The SEO software we integrate is user convenient without advance I.T skill required where you could do online marketing on your own.


Social Profile/Sharing

This feature helps to increase a site’s exposure to the market, users able to share your site by clicking “sharing” feature we built in your site.


a powerful self-edit platform where you could do site management and editing work on your own. it’s a drag and drop concept easy to use feature.

Secure and robust hosting environment

24 hours server monitoring and secure hosting service


Many often ask how and what can one does to improve and enhance a business. In modern business website has almost becoming a major necessity, as an iconic profile as well as to provide informative source for people to know more about your business. Nowadays by having a website is simply not enough anymore, you need to have various web features to make business convenient for customers, as well as for marketing purposes. Today magic lamp has got an answer for question asked among the business entrepreneurs, the answer is simply simple, enhance business with booking website.


Reasons to Enhance Business With Website

Reach a Wider Audience

An online booking system gives more exposure to your brand and convenience to the customers. It leads you to more sales. You can easily deal with customers from all over the world. An online booking system will even help you serve customers working in different time zones and using different languages.

People lead a very busy life. Each day you may receive many calls and emails regarding enquiries and you might not be able to answer all of them promptly. Consumers are spoilt for choice they may choose another operator if you do not respond promptly. A delay may cost you significant loss.
An online booking system helps automate responses. It lists the exact details online to the customer. It also calculates the number of seats remaining or available on a particular tour.



Manage Confirmation

Prospective customers call for details about a particular tour, show interest and even give a verbal confirmation. Do all confirmations turn into registrations?
With the online booking system you are sure that those who have registered with a particular tour, have made their payments and you get a confirmation. No chance of miscalculation here, except for some inevitable circumstances of course.


Hassle Free

Are you still following the paper model? Is it consuming all your time and energy? Do you end up spending most of your time in arranging the paper work?

With an online booking system you can manage all your bookings through a central point. All the bookings you make like walk-in bookings, online bookings or phone bookings, can be managed easily by the help of this booking method. All you need is an internet connected device to track and manage your business, as most of these booking systems are web based.


Minimize Workload

An online booking system will…
Automatically ensure that bookings are in sync with the availability.
Collect all details at the time of booking itself.
Reply to all the emails automatically.
Update availability automatically once a booking has been processed.

A good booking system will do all this and a lot more. It can help in various ways by handling your emails, phone and also walk-in bookings.



Better Cash Flow

An online booking system also includes a strong accounting module which helps to manage bookings, cancellations and other accounting functions. It also allows integration with third party systems, payment gateways etc.

There are of course many more advantages of having an online booking system, however the ones mentioned here should at least get you thinking of the positives of having a good online booking syste



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