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Don't believe in yourself . Believe in us

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Specialized in rescuing ugly websites

风格 . 信念

Web design is a profession requires tremendous amount of patience, IQ , and of course; the ability to settle office rental every month.

Our website design concept revolves around being extreme clean & aesthetically beautiful, and practicality-orientated on all kind of device screens. We primarily focus in small-medium enterprises or corporates in Malaysia and Singapore.

精致 匠心

Feature Projects

Timeless masterpieces designed with pure talents and technology from Mars

What we do Everyday

NEST was founded in year 2012, since then we’re distinguishably specialized in providing website related solution & commercial websites design with minimum coding. Our service include absolute 1 to 1 tailor-made design service, along with long term technical support.


We emphasise on something you can’t buy in market – responsibility

Projects in Development

最新 . 项目设计研发

一心 专属

Freshly Crafted


Corporate Site

+30 days free digital ads

Ultra aesthetically pleasing design concept and highly customisable with various features. Built to be practicality-orientated by experienced designers with over 8+ years combat experiences.


Suitable for the followings:

# Company profile
# Expertise showcase
# Service or appointment booking
# Product , catalogue 


+30 days free digital ads

All-in-one complete online shopping site module solution & consultation, ready-to-use, fully digitalized and easily monitored with online marketing tools.


Suitable for the followings:

# Physical products
# Service booking or appointment
# Virtual products
# Bulk purchasing (tier pricing)
# Membership-based pricing

Express Under RM 1000

Setup a website within 3 days, free hosting plan, technical support & content update


Web design is a very troublesome job, just leave it to the professionals.

网页 设计

Website Design

Freshly crafted with innovation & perfection

You're here because of 1 of the reasons below

If you think a highly aesthetic website is just an empty expensive vase, then abang you're wrong.

The actual value and core business we could deliver is not just a website, but also solutions to generate or increase sale with minimum money

配套 解说

Service Overview

Our service fee is generally within RM3000 ~ RM 5000+ . Depends on the complexity & amount of work, with average completion time ; within 2 weeks

Our primary customers / audience source are generally from small to medium scaled businesses or marketing agencies
In our design concept we consider every factor that influences conversion rate and also to create strong impression impact, that’s why the website that we produce are performing better in marketing aspect

Here is what you'll get from us

Here is what you won't get


Real Show Starts Now

Put our website in the right place, then you'll see its full potential

Every boss & tauke in this world only asks one question :

Can you increase my sale ?

YES Boleh ! We can bring about 12+ leads to you averagely every month

Our Marketing Expertises

Our clients' business industries

五岳剑派 本应该同气连枝

Your enemies' enemies are your friends &

We're your friend

For developers , marketing & agencies

We lower our fee to

40% cheaper

and you could sell it 50% higher

We can make your enemies cry

We have experience working with partners from

Web design is a very troublesome job, just leave it to the professionals.

RM200 Discount

For starbucks haters only