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Our website design concept revolves around being extreme clean & aesthetically beautiful, and practicality-orientated on all kind of device screens. We primarily focus in small-medium enterprises or corporates in Malaysia and Singapore.

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Timeless masterpieces designed with pure talents and technology from Mars

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NEST was founded in year 2012, since then we’re distinguishably specialized in providing website related solution & commercial websites design with minimum coding. Our service include absolute 1 to 1 tailor-made design service, along with long term technical support.


We emphasise on something you can’t buy in market – responsibility

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Corporate Site

Ultra aesthetically pleasing design concept and highly customisable with various features. Built to be practicality-orientated by experienced designers with over 8+ years combat experiences.


Suitable for the followings:

# Company profile
# Expertise showcase
# Service or appointment booking
# Product , catalogue 


All-in-one complete online shopping site module solution & consultation, ready-to-use, fully digitalized and easily monitored with online marketing tools.


Suitable for the followings:

# Physical products
# Service booking or appointment
# Virtual products
# Bulk purchasing (tier pricing)
# Membership-based pricing

Web design is a very troublesome job, just leave it to the professionals

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