NEST is a web design team lead by Levi specialised in modernise wordpress web design. Our primary business service is to provide a complete web design service solution to non IT background business entrepreneurs with affordable web design service packages. We introduce the use of modern web features such as shopping cart system (Ecommerce), live chat, contact form, SEO etc sort of similar marketing booster software to our clients, and assist them to step out of the traditional border and start revamping their business with the highly intelligent website we built for them.

Everything about a life of a designer

Wake up at 6am and work endlessly until death everyday

My name is Levi, born in 1988. I have a naughty son, a beautiful but annoying wife and a forever-hungry dog. I wake up at 6am to fetch my son to school and reach my design studio in Diamond City Semenyih at 730am after breakfast everyday. I usually will not switch on my phone until 11am to avoid any emotional disturbance from incoming mails/texts to keep my mind freshy clean at fittest state before I actually begin to work.

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NEST’s Cover Everything Officer [CEO]

Generally I handle everything in my company, including floor mopping and answering clients’ call. Web design is a very difficult job, everyday I have to do numerous system check and design different client website with different new concept, therefore I predicted I’d die very young probably before the age of 50, especially while facing clients refuse to pay debt, that’s the consequence that I didn’t study well while I was young thus ended up as a web designer, but surprisingly I  have super strong passion in this career since 2011. That’s why I always tell my son to study well in school, so he wouldn’t be as fook up as his father.

Nest web design Malaysia

My proud achievements

I was originally a coffee boy worked in a cafe in mont kiara, and I started learning web design on youtube and attended a short course in Manchester. Started off web design career in year 2011 with a RM2000 worth Asus laptop, and upgraded to a 15 inch MacBook Pro in year 2016 , massively spending money on wines and coffees, getting married and having children. However my life has never been improved, I’m still living in chaos everyday. My biggest pride and joy was able to helped some of my clients to improve their business with my knowledge in website, and many of them liked my design style very much.

nest web design Malaysia
about nest web design in KL

Best is not enough, We will kill WIX too someday.

Everything about NEST is classy and badass. We hate ordinary design concepts and we love to destroy ordinary stuffs with WTF ideas. We believe websites shouldn’t be restricted by shape of the monitors we’re using, therefore our design production, we only craft classy badass websites.

We make Beautiful websites for everyone, except starsbuck lovers.

We got love for everyone websites but not Starbucks lovers’. In NEST we believe everything is possible, we even believe cows can fly one day and earth is actually a triangle. Craziness keep us motivated all times and makes us distinctively sexy.




we make beautiful web design for living only

What we do everyday

Commercial Website Design


we build minimalist with modern elegancy commercial websites to make your business virtually pretty on internet with every tools and software.

ECommerce Website Design


We build responsive online store with complete shopping cart system to sell products like fashion, service booking, digital goods online.

Budget DIY Web Design


We have some ready to use template with free installation service generally built for common industries like hair salon, online fashion store, Company website, etc.



We fix technical issues for clients’ wordpress websites, such as website migrate, wordpress installation, CSS, wordpress customisation, and more.

Website Design Outsourcing


We’re appointed web agency by several web companies based in KL, we provide responsive web design at a much greater deal for other web agencies. T&C Applied.

Drink Wines


Occasionally have a bottle of wine or two spending wonderful Friday with some of clients in our little humble office located in Diamond City Semenyih.

NEST Web design Malaysia

NEST Malaysia

provides highly responsive corporate and ecommerce web design service at affordable rate, mainly for Kuala Lumpur region.

nest web design singapore

NEST Singapore

exclusively designed to build refine web design service with high-end software and tools for corporate web design and ecommerce web design service in Singapore & KL

Levi thum web designer in Malaysia

NEST DIY Templates

Special DIY templates design for freelance, small business, mini online store at a much affordable rate to setup a business fast on internet

Design with style by group of sentimental badass

NEST was founded in year 2011 by Levi and other 3 designers and originally provide decent web design service for small to medium scaled business. First office was in Viva home mall Cheras, but it has now moved to Diamond City Phoenix Clubhouse in year 2017 – Levi’s house and personal office. Generally we will be meeting our clients here.

nest web design Malaysia

Never stop challenging the impossibilities

NEST is now a third party IT consultation agency mainly appointed by over 50+ more small – medium scaled business from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, mainly in handling all web technical aspects and providing alternative in internet marketing at affordable rate.

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We’re setting up an example for everyone

Besides web design service, we’re encouraging every business should be revamped with the use of website and other relevant softwares we provide, example paperless billing, low cost google advertising, internet marketing potential maximisation, and more.

how to use website improve sale




we categorised web design service into two popular groups, commercial website design and Ecommerce website design. Both web design packages included with relevant tools and software respectively for general and advance website use, example page builder, SEO software, live chat, shopping cart system, mobile friendly and more. Choose one of the following website design service and let us build your business website now!

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Generally design package to build a modernised responsive website for a company or introduction of a business.



Generally design package to build an online store that sell goods online automatically with the use of shopping cart system.

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