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背景 简要


Professional is not enough, we will kill WIX one day


2012 - 2016

Wake up at 6am and work endlessly until death everyday

NEST was founded in year 2011 by Levi and other 3 designers and has been providing affordable & beautiful website design service for small-medium businesses and also large corporates. Our clientele are from various fields such as eCommerce product trading, services provider, beauty-line, medical & dentist, online tutoring providers, F&B, listed companies and etc. 


3-2 Vista Valley 
Semenyih 43500, Selangor


2017 - 2020

Professional is never enough, therefore we evolved

Our design work quality are acknowledged by over 300+ clients, primarily in Kuala Lumpur & Singapore. Besides a design firm we’re a IT solution provider – we also offer services in graphic design, membership portal software develop, and also interior design


2021 - 2022

We'll never leave anyone behind

We strive to assist clients to digitalize their operation of businesses, improve the efficiency and competitiveness by making full use of advanced digital marketing & IT platform.


MDEC Digital Grant package is available for our clients. Contact us to learn more about the initiative.


Undying Spirit

Specialized in rescuing ugly websites

我们的 责任 . 匠心

Our Promises

“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity ......”

Our boss cakap , a designer must always sure and understand in his/her own crafts, then put 100% passion and time in it, so company could afford another Benz next year, or at least must capable to settle next month rental and electric bills….

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# No Technical Worries 
# Unique tailor design for each website
# Support & consultation offered via Whatsapp